Commissioning a painting is a unique collaboration between the artist and collector.  Whether you have a vision for a specific piece, just a vague idea, or perhaps you love something that already has been sold, a commission is a great way to acquire something unique and personal to you.  Commissioned paintings also make great gifts.

Commission Parameters

-Pricing is based on size, and corresponds to the retail price of my work.  There is an additional commission fee which is determined by nature of the specific piece and subject matter. 

-Minimum size is about 150 square inches. (12×12”, 11×14”)

-Subject matter should be in line with my existing body of work. I prefer to compose my own reference photos, but consideration to existing images will be determined on a case by case basis.  

The Process

-An initial consultation via email or phone will help me determine your vision.  We will discuss price, size, framing and any and all details about what you have in mind for your painting.  At this point a quote will be provided.  

-I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit before work (including photography) begins.

-I will then do any necessary location scouting, photography, image editing, composing etc., and will provide you with images to choose from and/or to get further feedback from you.

-When we have agreed upon a reference for your painting (might be a digital mock-up, sketch or painted sketch) I will provide you with a contract to sign outlining all pertinent details.

-Depending on my existing schedule and workload, and the size of your commission, I usually estimate about 2-6 months for a commission, but at this point I would provide you with a more accurate timeframe.  While I am willing and able to accommodate tighter deadlines if possible, patience is always appreciated!

-The balance for the commission is due upon completion prior to delivery or pickup.  Delivery is available in the Toronto area.  Any necessary shipping will be an additional cost and and estimate will be provided upon request.  Exact shipping costs will be provided once the painting has been packed, weighed and measured.