I’m excited and honoured to be joining the amazing faculty at Toronto School of Art, and will be teaching 2 in-person classes this fall, starting the week of October 4th.

Painting Foundations
This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of painting. Working primarily from direct observation of still life arrangements, as well as through demos and slide presentations, students will learn about painting materials, value, colour, composition and most importantly, how to forget what we think we know and paint what we see!  The course will be taught in oils but acrylics are welcome.
Starts Wednesday May 5th 2-5pm for 8 weeks.

Urban Landscape Painting
This course will introduce students to the tradition and practice of urban landscape painting. We will explore historic and contemporary approaches to painting the dynamic landscape of urban space. Working from sketches and photographic reference, students will learn how to capture the essential aspects of a chosen scene and solve the problems of perspective, light and form, use of colour, paint application and composition.
Starts Wednesday May 5th 6-9pm for 8 weeks.

Vist the TSA website here for more info.


Colour Theory for Painters Course 

The Art Centre at Central Technical School, TDSB
Monday 6:30-9:30
Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters

Colour Theory for Painters is for painters who want to master colour mixing and understand paint. This course emphasizes the practical application of colour theory and how to apply it to your practice. You will learn colour principles, theories and systems, the properties of paint, how to accurately see and mix colours, and how to use colour to improve the design of your paintings.


The Artist and the Viewer, review of ‘In Passing’, Solo Exhibition at Abbozzo Gallery April 25 – May 27.  Published by Toronto Art Newspaper in Toronto, ON.  Issue 3, June 2019.